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Use the below search options at the bottom of the page to find information regarding recent decisions that have been taken by the council’s decision making bodies.

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Decisions recommendations approved (subject to call-in)

18/09/2023 - Opportunities Plan Development Update ref: 2471    For Determination

To provide an update on the development of the Council’s Opportunities Plan and confirm the projects to be undertaken during 2023/24, whilst seeking approval for a revenue budget, funded from general fund reserves where necessary, to support implementation of the plan.


The Council has a long history of prudent financial management and of responding to fiscal challenges whilst continuing to provide a wide range of customer focussed services.


The latest Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS) was presented at the 09

January 2023 Executive meeting.  This predicted a funding shortfall of around £401,000 in 2023/24 rising to £2,400,000 by 2026/27.


The Executive report identified the need for a further Opportunities Plan to address the budget shortfalls and build in capacity for future pressures and uncertainties, with the aim of ensuring continued service provision across the Council.


A holistic cross Council approach that balances the use of the levers available to us has been used in developing a proposed Opportunities Plan for 2023/24.  This process has involved project ideas from staff at all levels alongside feedback from Members.


The report presents the proposed Opportunities Plan for 2023/24.  The projects contained in the Plan have the estimated potential to positively impact on the Council’s budget by £556,024 in 2023/24, increasing to £950,743 in 2024/25.


To support the delivery of some projects a revenue budget of £100,000 is proposed, which will be funded from the general fund reserves where necessary.


Members will have continued oversight of the progress of the plan through updates to the Policy and Resources Scrutiny Panel every 6 months, as well as annual updates to the remaining Scrutiny Panel and Committee meetings.

Decision Maker: Executive

Made at meeting: 18/09/2023 - Executive

Decision published: 20/09/2023

Effective from: 30/09/2023


RESOLVED that the Executive approves:


(a)  the draft Opportunities Plan for 2023/24, as set out in Appendix A to the report;


(b)  a revenue budget of £100,000 to be allocated from general fund reserves to support the delivery of the plan; and


(c)  the proposed governance arrangements for the plan.

Lead officer: Roy Brown

18/09/2023 - Osborn Road Multi-storey car park ref: 2470    For Determination

To provide details on a revised scheme for the demolition of the existing multi storey car park and construction of a new surface car park and seek approval for an increased project budget.


The detailed design process has resulted in necessary revisions to the original scheme, notably in relation to drainage and highways.  Electric vehicle charging provision is to be included with the scheme, but the opportunity to install solar photovoltaic canopies has been reviewed but discounted at this time. Additionally, it is advised that construction costs have risen significantly over the last 18 months.


Given the detailed design revisions and based on the tenders received, the scheme is not achievable within the previously approved budget and therefore an increased project budget is required for the final scheme to proceed.



Decision Maker: Executive

Made at meeting: 18/09/2023 - Executive

Decision published: 20/09/2023

Effective from: 30/09/2023


RESOLVED that the Executive approves an increased budget of £2.5 million.

Lead officer: Ian Cousins

18/09/2023 - Irrecoverable Debts ref: 2473    For Determination

This report proposes the approval of the write off of certain debts over £5,000 which are irrecoverable.


The confidential Appendix A to the report lists the debts that are considered irrecoverable.  Every effort has been made to recover the debts and there is no further legal action that can be taken, where it is applicable. 

Decision Maker: Executive

Made at meeting: 18/09/2023 - Executive

Decision published: 20/09/2023

Effective from: 30/09/2023


RESOLVED that the Executive agrees that the debts listed in the confidential Appendix A to the report be written off as irrecoverable.

Lead officer: Melanie Combes

14/09/2023 - Voluntary Sector Support Fund - The Dementia Care Hub ref: 2474    For Determination

This report presents an application for funding under the Council’s Voluntary Sector Support Fund Programme.


An application for Voluntary Sector Support Funding has been received from The Dementia Care Hub for £30 to cover the costs of one year’s membership to Action Hampshire. The Dementia Care Hub was formed for the ‘public benefit to relieve the needs of persons living with a dementia, their families and carers, by providing support, training and guidance and by the provision of facilities for respite and recreation in a safe and stimulating environment.’ To aid this objective in August 2023, The Dementia Care Hub started running trial sessions at Titchfield Community Centre, with a view to making this support permanent. Already 25 members are attending, the vast majority of which live in the Borough of Fareham. The Dementia Care Hub would like to become a member of Action Hampshire to help support the dementia community in the borough and enable them to access Action Hampshire support, information and events. The organisation is not currently a member of Action Hampshire and had a turnover last year of £9,864.61.

Decision Maker: Executive Portfolio for Leisure and Community

Made at meeting: 14/09/2023 - Executive Portfolio for Leisure and Community

Decision published: 14/09/2023

Effective from: 26/09/2023


RESOLVED that this application be approved




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