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Decisions published

28/07/2021 - Portchester Car Parks Traffic Regulation Order - consideration of consultation responses ref: 2291    Recommendations Approved

This report sets out the results of the recent Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) consultation for the two car parks located at Portchester Castle and requests consideration by the Executive Member for Health and Public Protection and a decision on the adoption of an updated Off-Street Parking Order.


Due to the fact that the Council was already facing significant financial challenges, further intensified by the impact of COVID-19, the introduction of charges for parking in coastal car parks was considered by the Council. The additional parking income generated by coastal charging will help to ensure that the Council is able to continue to provide a good level of parking enforcement and maintenance.


At the meeting of the Executive on 07 September 2020, the introduction of £1 hourly charging for up to 6 hours, between the hours of 10am and 6pm in the Borough’s 9 coastal car parks was agreed.


A Season Ticket scheme was subsequently approved by the Executive on 04 January 2021. A Draft Off-Street Parking Places (Amendment 3) Order 2021 consultation took place between 19 March 2021 and 09 April 2021. 


In response to feedback received, minor amendments were made to the proposed Order, which was then approved at the meeting of the Executive on 07 June 2021.   Authority was also delegated to the Executive Member of Health and Public Protection to determine future Traffic Regulation Orders.


The two coastal car parks at Portchester Castle were not included in the first consultation as discussions with English Heritage were ongoing. As negotiations were reaching a conclusion it was considered appropriate to run a second consultation, specifically in relation to the two Portchester Castle car parks, with the understanding that charging would not be introduced before we reached an official agreement with English Heritage.


The consultation took place between 25 June and 16 July 2021 and asked for feedback on proposals to also introduce hourly charging and season tickets at Portchester Castle.


Public notices were sited in each of the two car parks affected, emails were sent to the 1,600 members of the E-panel and interested organisations such as St Mary’s

Church and Portchester Sailing Club were also contacted, and their views sought.


Consultation Results


Overall, 72 responses were received from a range of interested parties including regular car park users, residents living on Castle Street and coastal organisations.


A large proportion of respondents requested that no charging be introduced in the two car parks. In addition, the following main themes emerged:


Impact on local roads, particularly Castle Street:


A number of respondents were concerned that the introduction of parking would result in more cars parking in surrounding roads, particularly on Castle Street, which already experiences a lot of on-street parking, particularly during the peak summer months.


The Parking and Enforcement Manager has been in dialogue with Hampshire County Council, which now has responsibility for on-street parking enforcement, regarding potential areas of concern, including potential additional parking on Castle Street.


As part of the engagement with interested parties, Hampshire County Council informed Fareham Borough Council that they were supportive of the proposals in the draft order and were not anticipating a significant amount of parking being transferred to surrounding residential roads.


Taking these considerations into account, it is proposed that the Council quickly notifies Hampshire County Council of any additional parking issues on Castle Street once charging is introduced.


Impact on St Mary’s Church and Portchester Sailing Clubs:


Both coastal organisations make use of the car parks.  Concerns were raised over the financial impact on parishioners of and visitors to the church and volunteers that charging could create. 


Portchester Sailing Club also raised concerns regarding the additional cost to members and competition or training course attendees.  With this in mind, some respondents felt that further concessions should be made available for visitors to the church or sailing club.


Discussions have taken place with Reverend Dr Ian Meredith, who has suggested that some of the church’s activities and services could move to times outside of the parking charging period.  


In addition, both organisations will be offered the opportunity to purchase up to ten  transferable season tickets at a cost of £80 each per annum, for use by staff and volunteers.  This is consistent with the offer extended to other similar organisations which are also frequent users of other coastal car parks.


Any additional concessions would further reduce potential parking income, and impact the Council’s ability to provide effective parking management and enforcement. 


Taking these considerations into account, it is proposed that no further concessions are granted.  


A response was also submitted by English Heritage, which commented that a formal agreement needed to be put in place with themselves before charging was introduced.  It is anticipated that this agreement will be in place shortly. 


The final proposed Order


Appendix A contains the proposed Off-Street Parking Places (Amendment 4) Order 2021 for approval. The main provisions are outlined below:


Hourly charging of £1 an hour for up to six hours between the hours of 10am and 6pm, with a maximum stay of 12 hours in the following car parks:


·         Portchester Castle Small

·         Portchester Castle Large


The £80 Coastal Car Parks Season Tickets scheme to incorporate the Portchester Castle large and small Car parks.


Next steps


If the Amended Off-Street Parking Order is approved and following the successful conclusion of negotiations with English Heritage, updated signage will need to be installed in readiness for the commencement of charging, the cost of which can be met from existing budgets.


It is anticipated that charging would then begin in the seven of the nine coastal car parks at the beginning of August 2021, with charging in the two Portchester Castle car parks likely to follow on a date yet to be determined.




Public consultation comments are presented for consideration alongside an updated Off-Street Parking Order.  If approved, it would enable the introduction of charging in the two Portchester Castle car parks once a formal agreement has been reached with English Heritage.


Decision Maker: Executive Portfolio for Health and Public Protection

Made at meeting: 28/07/2021 - Executive Portfolio for Health and Public Protection

Decision published: 28/07/2021

Effective from: 07/08/2021


RESOLVED that, having considered the representations made, the Executive Member for Health and Public Protection agrees to adopt the updated Off-Street Parking Places (Amendment 4) Order found at Appendix A to the report.


21/07/2021 - Community Fund Application - Locks Heath Colts Cricket Club ref: 2290    Recommendations Approved

This report presents an application for funding under the Council’s Community Funding Programme.


An application for Community Funding has been received from Locks Heath Colts Cricket Club for the sum of £2,244.99 to purchase an additional mobile cricket practice tunnel with net.


The Colts is a popular local sporting Club, which aims to ‘To foster and promote the sport of cricket at all levels within the community and within the sport, providing opportunities for recreation, coaching and competition.’  The Club meets at Locks Heath Recreation Ground and is a member organisation of the Locks Heath Sports and Social Club which leases the Recreation Ground from the Council.  Despite its link to the Sports and Social Club, the Locks Heath Colts Cricket Club has its own separate constitution and accounts.


The Colts has 160 members, aged between 5 and 18 years of age and currently has only 2 practice tunnels.  They would like to purchase an additional netted tunnel to provide their members with sufficient opportunities to practice their bowling and batting skills.  In addition, as the practice tunnels remain accessible to all on the Recreation Ground when not in use by the Club, the opportunities for local children and adults who are not members of the Club will also be increased.


The practice tunnel that the Club is seeking funding for is padded, rust-resistant and can be easily stored in winter when not in use.   It would not require planning permission as it is a movable structure.


Streetscene, who oversee the management of Locks Heath Recreation Ground, have provided their consent for the Club to locate the practice tunnel on the Recreation Ground.


The cost of the practice tunnel is £2,244.99, including fitting. 


As of the close of 2020, the Club listed £2,067.71 in its accounts, with expenditure for the previous year of £10,405.58 and income of £7,519.97.  However, it is important to note that income from membership and events for that year was significantly reduced as a result of the restrictions imposed due to Covid-19.


Titchfield Common Ward Councillor, Sarah Pankhurst, has confirmed her support of this application.  No views have been received from Ward Councillor Englefield.



Decision Maker: Executive Portfolio for Leisure and Community

Made at meeting: 21/07/2021 - Executive Portfolio for Leisure and Community

Decision published: 21/07/2021

Effective from: 03/08/2021


That the application for £2,244.99 from Fareham Borough Council’s Community Fund submitted by Locks Heath Colts Cricket Club, to purchase an additional mobile practice cricket tunnel with net to be located at Locks Heath Recreation Ground, be approved.





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