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ePetition details

Stop the proposed charges at our local water side car parks.

We the undersigned petition the council to Stop the proposed charges at our local water side car parks.

To hear the voices of the local community about the proposed parking charges for many of our local beach areas.
Rather than just rail road though a soft target of make the community pay for parking. To look at the bigger picture of the users of these car parks. It’s not just the active community of Sea Swimmers, Paddle boarders, Sailing community, windsurfer community and kitesurfing community.. it’s bigger than that.. it’s older people getting out walking their dog or just getting out of their homes for exercise for 10 mins for many this could be the only people they see that day. Retired folk sat in their cars watching the views and relaxing, again this could be there only trip out of their homes. To Moms meeting at the car parks after the school run to run with others to keep fit.

It’s families on low incomes using our local spots to enjoy family time with out fear of clock watching for parking. You can’t as a local government be pushing national governments message of get fit, get active.. but by the way you have pay to do it.. Our car parks are not tourist hot spots these are local car parks for the local community to get active and enjoy the one part of the area we live by.

This is going to create a whole dynamic change locally and a one way road to closing down the active pursuits of so many. Both young and old.

One area I am going to put forward here is mental health. As a regular user my self of the car parks for water sports, sitting having a cup of tea you can see from time to time a driver in their car sat with the weight of the world on their shoulders. That 10 mins sat looking out to the water clearly is what is needed by so many people in our busy lives.. charging for parking as I have pointed out above is going to change the whole local dynamics.

No Water sport user wants to live a life of clock watching while relaxing on the water…

Beach nut users

Sailing club users

Additional costs of Double yellow lines around the roads by the car parks.

All these need to be looked at.

Please, please stop to think about the bigger picture. There are plenty of FREE beach car parks in other areas along the South coast. Offer the people of Fareham something in return for all the other costs we have to pay for in our community.

Started by: Mark Collins

This ePetition ran from 27/08/2020 to 07/09/2020 and has now finished.

1649 people signed this ePetition.




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